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Configuration options marked as type="secret" do not inherit default values


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  • Affects Version/s: 4.2.0
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ConfigOptionTag does not handle setting the default value of a configuration property when it's marked as type="secret"

Normally, this is not an issue as it's assumed that if the type is secret the plugin won't know the value at time of auto-discovery. The problem is with custom plugins where the password is explicitly set in the plugin XML. There are currently 2 workarounds for this.

1) Use the <TypeName>.property=<value> trick in
2) Modify the configuration option to not use the secret type. This has the downside of letting end users see the password, which is a non-starter.


David Wiener added a comment -

Closed due to being outdated

David Wiener added a comment - Closed due to being outdated


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