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WebLogic Plugin Control Action Start cannot start WebLogic


  • Type: Bug Bug
  • Status: Closed Closed
  • Priority: Major Major
  • Resolution: Deferred
  • Affects Version/s: 4.3
  • Fix Version/s: None
  • Component/s: Plugins
  • Environment:
    HQ-server 4.3.0-EE-1433 running on CentOS 5.4
    HQ-agent 4.3.0-EE-1433 running on RHEL 5.4
     - Oracle WLS 11gR1 (10.3.2) running with HQ-agent
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WebLogic Plugin Control Action Start cannot start WebLogic. After approximately 10 minutes, the command status reports an error:

Cannot run program "../../bundles/agent-4.3.0-EE-
1434/pdk/../" (in directory
"/opt/s2/wls/wlserver_10.3/domains/HQTestDomain"): error=2, No such file or directory

Expected Result:
The Control Action Start should function just as the Control Action Stop correctly works.

Actual Result:
The Control Action Start does not start WebLogic.

Steps to reproduce:
1. On WLS server, install hq-agent
2. Ensure hq-agent is running and WLS is auto-discovered by HQ
3. Log into the HQ Server Dashboard
4. Browse and select the WLS platform
5. Select the WLS Admin Server from under the Deployed Servers Health section
6. Select the Control tab
7. Select Stop from the Control Action and click the execute (play) button
8. Note WebLogic is successfully stopped
9. Select Start from the Control Action and click the execute (play) button
10. Note the operation times out and the reported error is displayed

Work around:
Manually restart WebLogic from the WLS server using startWebLogic.

Additional Notes:
Agent.log reports:
2010-05-12 16:55:05,987 ERROR [ScheduleThread] [ScheduleThread] Metric unreachable: t3:// Destination unreachable; nested exception is: Connection refused; No available router to destination

See attached weblogic-start.jpg



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