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Unable to Start & Stop Managed Deployed Applications for tc Runtime server


  • Type: Bug Bug
  • Status: Closed Closed
  • Priority: Minor Minor
  • Resolution: Deferred
  • Affects Version/s: 4.5 Sprint 28, 4.5 M6, 4.5
  • Fix Version/s: None
  • Component/s: UI / UX
  • Environment:
    HQ-server 4.5.0-EE-91 running on RHEL 5.4
    HQ-agent 4.5.0-EE-91 running on CentOS 5.4
     - tc Server 2.5.0.CI-156 installed on hq-agent
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Unable to Start & Stop Managed Deployed Applications for tc Runtime server.

When attempting to Start or Stop a Managed Deployed Application for tc Runtime server via the Hyperic UI, the operation does not complete successfully even though the result indicates it completed successfully.

For example, with the webapp already running and attempting to stop the webapp, the result shows:

  • Successful - Click for details.
  • FC-Cent54x64-VM1 tc Runtime myserver (12827) was successful.
  • Ok - Application webapp is stopped and we don't need to stop it again.

The webapp is not actually stopped and still accessible.

Expected Result:
The webapp is stopped or started when the command is issued.

Actual Result:
The webapp is not actually stopped or started but the message indicates successful.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install and start hq-agent on platform running tc Server
2. Log into Hyperic
3. Add to inventory from auto-discover
4. Go to Inventory tab and set Configuration Properties for tc Runtime
5. Go to View tab
6. Select Application Management
7. Select the webapp by checking the box
8. Click the Stop button
9. Note the operation reports successful
10. Verify the webapp was stopped and note that is still running.

Work Around:

Additional Information:
Status for Manage Deployed Applications shows 'Stopped' even if the app is running


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