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AD LDS (Lightweight Directory Services) support


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This request is for support of Microsoft AD LDS (Lightweight Directory Services)

AD LDS is new in Windows 2008 and was previously named ADAM:

Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) is a light-weight implementation of Active Directory. ADAM is capable of running as a service, on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Professional. ADAM shares the code base with Active Directory and provides the same functionality as Active Directory, including an identical API, but does not require the creation of domains or domain controllers.

Like Active Directory, ADAM provides a Data Store, which is a hierarchical datastore for storage of directory data, a Directory Service with an LDAP Directory Service Interface. Unlike Active Directory, however, multiple ADAM instances can be run on the same server, with each instance having its own and required by applications making use of the ADAM directory service.

The existing ntds-plugin is not compatible with ADAM, the performance data keys are stored in a hierarchy under Directory Services. As an example:

DRA Inbound Properties Total/sec = 0.0

I will attach the full counter output.


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