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Increase time between shut down and start during agent restart process


  • Type: Improvement Improvement
  • Status: Closed Closed
  • Priority: Minor Minor
  • Resolution: Duplicate
  • Affects Version/s: 4.6
  • Fix Version/s: 4.x
  • Component/s: Agent / PDK
  • Environment:
    Hyperic server 4.6.0-EE-181 on RHEL 5.4 x64 with external MySQL DB
    Hyperic agent 4.6.0-EE-181on Linux VMs
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Increase time between shut down and start during agent restart process

When an agent is restarting, the process is shut down and then start. At times, the shut down may not fully complete by the time the start occurs and therefore, the agent will not startup properly.

When this occurs, the agent is not actually started and Availability and Metrics will not be collected nor displayed

The agent.log will show:

2011-05-06 15:48:00,693 INFO [Thread-1] [AgentDaemon] Agent shut down
2011-05-06 15:48:00,693 ERROR [Thread-1] [AgentDaemon] Agent startup error:
org.hyperic.hq.agent.server.AgentStartException: Failed to listen at *:2144: Address already in use
at org.hyperic.hq.bizapp.agent.server.SSLConnectionListener.setup(
at org.hyperic.hq.agent.server.CommandListener.setup(
at org.hyperic.hq.agent.server.AgentDaemon.start(
at org.hyperic.hq.agent.server.AgentDaemon$
at Source)

See attached agent.log for more information.


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