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Reevaluate the disabling of the performance tab for the vsphere plugin.


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  • Fix Version/s: 4.6.5
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It appears the performance tab was disabled for the reason quoted below. Well this customer figured out a workaround and wants it to be addressed.

Should we rethink the disabling of this tab?
Note the line that mentions "it's not always feasible to install the HQ agent inside a VM".

I gave the customer a quote from PM

The feature is working as designed. The vSphere UI plugin is intended to have an end-to-end correlation between the workloads inside the VMs to the underlying virtual infrastructure. Therefore, the use case where the Hyperic agent is not running inside the VM is not considered, because it doesn't give us the information that we need. The HQU modification is allowed, but not supported.

Customer's reply

Well, this is the point, the idea that it's working as designed doesn't change the fact that the performance metrics are available !(not available), and should be plotted whether the agent is installed or not, it has nothing to do with metrics correlation within the VM (collected by the agent) ...

Also the fact it's working as designed doesn't mean it's perfect; nothing is perfect and everything is subject for enhancement ...

To be honest I didn't come here to ask for support, I came here to log a feature that enterprises would be very much interested in, whether you (Hyperic) choose to implement it or not, it's not my call, I'm just raising a flag ...

Please feel free to close the case, but I plead you think it over, it's not always feasible to installed the HQ agent inside a VM, and the metrics are being collected already, then why hide it ????

One last thing, I'm a participant in HQEE 4.6 BETA testing, and if you (Hyperic) are going just to say (working as designed) then our beta testing is pointless; any QA can spot issues related to use cases, working-per-design or not ...


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