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Agent / PDK



Issues regarding agents and PDK

Issues: Due

  • Developer HHQ-4949 Agent shut down with ERROR JVM appears hung and Startup failed: Timed out waiting for a singal from the JVM
  • New Feature HHQ-5016 Make PDK hot deployable
  • Improvement HHQ-4081 Upgrade tanuki wrapper

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug HHQ-6054 02/Dec/15 Hyperic agent send duplicate metrics causing lots of failed inserts into hq_metric_data tables, duplicate key violates unique constraint
  • Bug HHQ-6052 22/Nov/15 Non-english values in are not supported
  • Bug HHQ-6053 16/Nov/15 AgentRemoteException: Could not open Windows Service: RpcSs

Versions: Due