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Deprecated: Agent:Plugin



Old. Do not use (as of February 2013). Use "Agent / PDK" instead

Issues: Due

  • New Feature HHQ-4397 AD LDS (Lightweight Directory Services) support
  • Developer HHQ-4507 Sybase plugin - Engine Utilization metrics not collected
  • Developer HHQ-4508 Sybase plugin - Invalid configuration: Error retrieving value: EngineUtilization

Issues: Updated recently

  • Improvement HHQ-4516 26/Jun/13 ActiveMQ plugin - Update instructions and configuration directions to specify requirements of starting Hyperic agent
  • Developer HHQ-4514 26/Jun/13 ActiveMQ plugin - cannot execute control action start on ActiveMQ broker
  • Improvement HHQ-5706 21/Feb/13 Customer unable to configure Apache Tomcat for Windows when it is not running as a service

Versions: Due