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Issues: Due

  • Bug HHQ-6001 Alert Definition page number should go back to first page
  • Improvement HHQ-5706 Customer unable to configure Apache Tomcat for Windows when it is not running as a service
  • Improvement HHQ-5855 "I-Bars" not displayed when viewing a range of more than 13 days.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug HHQ-6199 26/Jul/16 Adding a resource to group from inventory tab of resource will redirect to Error page
  • Bug HHQ-6162 29/Jun/16 Upgrade: after upgrade from 5.0.5 to 5.8.5 - the password under LDAP section becomes empty (though it is kept in DB)
  • Bug HHQ-6164 06/Dec/15 HQEE: Create alert: when password is initialized & user adds it again - still cannot save the user

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