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Add alertdefinition create command


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Currently we only support the creation of alerts via the CLI using 'alertdefinition sync'. This can be tedious if a user wants to create new alert definitions based on some template.

This RFE is to add a create command to alertdefinition. It will act as follows:

1. Both --prototype and --templateDefinition is required. These specify the resource type to operate on and the alert definition to use a template when creating the new definitions.
2. One of --group or --regex is also required. These flags will determine which resources of the given prototype are given the new alert definition.

For --group, all resources in the group having the given prototype will inherit the template definition. This works on both compatible and mixed groups.
For --regex all resources of the given prototype having a name matching the given regular expression will inherit the the template definition.


Ryan Morgan added a comment -

Added in HQApi 3.3 and 4.0.

Ryan Morgan added a comment - Added in HQApi 3.3 and 4.0.


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