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  • [HHQ-5189] - Investigate Metric Viewer portlet performance


  • [HHQ-4225] - hq-stats log: jms_event_topic writes cumulative data over time instead of deltas
  • [HHQ-4297] - Incorrect time displayed on resource charts with smaller time ranges
  • [HHQ-5136] - hq-server out of sync with hqapi
  • [HHQ-5166] - Some jars are missing from agent pdk/lib from 4.4 to 4.5
  • [HHQ-5170] - Dashboard portlets should wait for a response before issuing another request
  • [HHQ-5171] - Investigate if dashboard portlet request time intervals are optimal
  • [HHQ-5181] - VM CPUs taken offline fail to report unavailable
  • [HHQ-5193] - Gemfire LiveData plugin will crash agent on some errors
  • [HHQ-5197] - Fix Agent Hotspot in MeasurementCommandsService around agent metric scheduling
  • [HHQ-5224] - vsphere plugin can't load jasypt classes
  • [HHQ-5226] - Alert Actions have incorrect link
  • [HHQ-5234] - On upgrades, customers are seeing foreign key issues with the HQU plugins, which causes the HQU plugins no to load correctly.
  • [HHQ-5239] - IndexOutOfBoundsException during email template rendering
  • [HHQ-5244] - DataPoints on MetricChart are mis-plotted by 1 minute
  • [HHQ-5245] - Availability reported as 50% when resource goes from 100% to 0%


  • [HHQ-4509] - Sybase plugin - NONE set for Collection Interval for Sybase Engine Service
  • [HHQ-5305] - 4.5.3 server fails during start up

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